Harvest Thanksgiving

Sunday 11th October 10.30am

Of all years, this has to be be one of great HARVEST CELEBRATION! How much many of us were scared or troubled that basic foodstuffs and necessities would run out, as we witnessed emptying shelves and panic buying earlier this year. Some found that it WAS possible to fall back into the oft- forgotten use of seasonal produce and store cupboard basics, and set aside the assumption that it is possible to buy what we want, from wherever we want, however far flung and exotic. Gratitude for what was available abounded.
Thankfulness grew, as time passed, for those working to ensure our food supplies were distributed and done so according to need. The small, local shops were once more supported and appreciated; vows were made to continue to use them post Covid. The supermarkets ratcheted up delivery slots, employed hordes of additional staff, and altered their ways of operating  to keep our fridges and cupboards supplied with what was required, and rationing was implemented for certain goods, reminding all of shared responsibilities for neighbours. Shop workers attended their workplaces, taking risks on society’s behalf. Gratitude  for these keyworkers grew and Thursday ‘clap the carers’ sessions became a community event for most of us, a public way of recognising service of some who are not generally lauded.
Throughout these past months, all of us have been changed. Perhaps our trust in God’s bounty has been challenged; perhaps our sense of gratitude to God has grown; perhaps our ability to live in the present moment ‘in God’ has increased.
So, a Harvest celebration like never before awaits us on 11th October. No auction of produce this year, only fresh produce will grace our sanctuary display, most of it home grown by Andrew Baugh and others, and there will be opportunity to (safely) select your favourites from the display to take home and enjoy. In return, please make a donation to the Foodbank, the need for which has grown and is increasing still. Please come along with some cash, an appetite of appreciation of God’s goodness and the earth’s bounty, and eager to rustle up some tasty dishes.

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